Yubo app works

The Yubo app is a social networking site where you can make new friends. This app is popular amongst teens, it encourages them to find new online friends by swiping left or right to connect with strangers by live stream on the Yubo app. In the Yubo app, the teens can create their accounts and chat with their friends one on one or by creating groups through live streaming on the app. The Yubo app works for both Android users or Apple users. It does not cost anything as it is free to use.
The Yubo app is formerly named Yellow and also nicknamed ‘Tinder for Teens’ or ‘Tinder for Snapchat. The app is only for 13-17 years of teens and separate communities for adults. To use the Yubo app for adults there is no need for verification and the new users have to provide their personal details to be registered in the Yubo app.

Why is The Yubo App so popular?

The Yubo app is getting famous day by day because it is popular amongst teens. This social networking site declares that their site has 50 million users worldwide. The app lets users make online friends around the world, they can chat through the app, and make a video call to each other. It Yubo app works like that the app uses algorithms to find users of similar age also with the same interest. Let’s read other points to know the reason why this is so famous!

  • The main reason is this app is free with its unbelievable features.
  • The Yubo app provides rooms for live streaming which can be joined by everyone around the world.
  • Teens can have fun by swiping another person’s profiles whom they want to talk to and want to have a mutual match.
  • The users can also share their Snapchat or Instagram usernames when they have a match by swiping each other’s profiles.
  • The app allows the users to play the Q & A games and “TBH” where they can have more fun with their friends.
  • The users of this app can also earn rewards by sharing the app with the no users or encouraging them to join the app.

The conclusion is the Yubo app helps users to connect to strangers and they can chat with them. On the contrary, the app has disadvantages too.

Drawbacks of using the Yubo app

The Yubo app may have primacy but this app has also faced criticism around the world. Here are some reviews of the users that they shared after they were overlooked.

  • The app may have some terms and conditions and one of them is that the user must be 13+ but it is easy for people to breach these terms and conditions. So it can cause a lot of damage to the children and their parents as well.
  • While you are creating your account on the social networking site, the app will ask you about your personal details like your name, date of birth, phone number, and location. What we used to call privacy is no more, sometimes it is easy for hackers to hack your account and get your personal details.
  • The content on the Yubo app is adultery and inappropriate for the teens and this can have a great effect on their minds.
  • The app may allow the teens to talk to strangers or they can meet them so people called this app unsafe or dangerous for the teens. Some people create their fake profiles on the Yubo app and behave like normal users. So the teens should be aware of them before getting into any conversation with an unknown person.
  • As I told you the app is nicknamed ‘Tinder for teens’ so what will happen with this, you will definitely connect with different people, but you will not be able to guess which profile is real and which one is fake. So it should be used under the parental guidance

In a Nutshell

All I can say, it is a good app you can use to chat, make video calls with your friends. By using the Yubo app, you may face security issues because you have to link this app to your emails and which is private we can’t share with everyone, also there are many fake accounts and it’s not easy to find the real one.