What are home remedies to boost your immune system?

The immune system is very important for our health and body. Any people in then earth for example if you want to boost your immune system then you can do.

How to Boost your immune system

So if we start from that, what is immune system? So the answer will be :- immune system is that system of our body which enables us to fight against disease causing pathogens , and if a person is having a good immune system then he will be able to live his life disease free and happily . so there are some home remedies to boost our immune system :-

1. Increase the intake of citrus fruits

The citrus fruits generally refers to sour fruits like lemon, kivi , grapefruits and oranges etc. these fruits are rich sources of vitamin-c is very important for increasing immunity or boost our immune system. Also help in fighting cancer. So this could be a tasty home remedy to increase your immunity.

2. Natural herbs helps to boost your immune system

Natural herbs like neem, tulsi(holy basil) , kadi patta, ashwagandha , cinnamon are the sources of many minerals like magnesium and zinc, vit -A and these nutrients are very helpful in increasing immunity so these should be included in our diet. They also reduce the damage causing oxidative effects .

3. Some spices

Some spices like green chilli, turmeric powder etc are very nutritious. As in terms of building immunity or boosting our immune system. Turmeric is considered as antibacterial , as you have might seen people using turmeric pastes on wounds. It is because of the fact that turmeric protect us from bacteria’s so if we include turmeric powder or raw turmeric in our diet. Than it will help our body to fight against bacteria from inside. If we talk about green chillies then the seeds of green chillies are very helpful to our body in terms boosting immunity.

4. Pungent flavoured foods

Pungent flavoured foods refers to foods like garlic, onion etc. These kinds of foods are helpful in boosting our immune system if taken regularly. These may reduce the risk of different types of cancer, uplift your mood , and maintain skin, hair health and some more. These are also rich sources of vitamin-c. And as we know vitamin- c have a great impact on boosting immunity .

5. Lukewarm water

If you have ever noticed that when someone catches cold or any viral infection. The first suggestion given by the doctor is avoid cold water and intake lukewarm water as much as you can. This is because of the fact that viral infections are meant to be treated by their own immunity and lukewarm water increases immunity.

6. Boost your immune system with Meditation

Soothing yoga poses and meditation helps to calm mind and help the body to work on its own immune system. Because as long as one’s mind is upset the body will never work on the immune system. So it is very important to calm the mind and meditation is one of the best ways to do this. Meditation is tops most thing that helps to Boost your immune system.

7. Sun bathing

As we have heard many times that sunbathing helps to meet the requirement of vitamin- D and yes, this is true fact . Mainly vitamin-d helps in boosting our immune system so we should often do sun bathing . But the accurate time to do this activity is the time when sunlight is quite light like before 10 ‘o’clock in the morning or after 3o’clock in the evening , but most preferred time is morning . Also sunbathing should be done wearing sun colour clothes like yellow or orange colour or by wearing white colour cloths and wearing no clothes on upper half body is the best if one can do.

8. Dry fruits

dry fruits like almonds , cashew, pistachio etc are considered to be very healthy and in fact they are really very healthy and make our body healthy from inside . They are a rich source of vitamin- E and vitamin-E helps to boost the immune system. Dry fruits are also rich in antioxidants. They also provide healthy fats to our body which are helpful for a sound mind.

So if we consider all these are very easy and fruitful activities which if we can include in our day to day lifestyle. These home remedies helps to boost your immune system We will be able to boost our immune system very easily and naturally at low cost. Just by adding some fruits and vegetables which providing us a range of immunity boosting nutrients along with many more health benefits. Also some lifestyle activities helping us to calm our mind and live happily.