Unseen features of Android 11

Around the world, you will find that 80 out of 100 people are usage of the Android working operating system. According to a single survey, within the global, most of the people are the usage of the Android running mobile devices. All of us are grateful for google because Google updating new functions on the Android system day by day. So, every Android user can take advantage of the unseen features of Android 11.

Google has released Android 11 and each new Android device comes with the in-built Android 11 operating system software. Additionally, the Google development team is very speedy so it could be possible Android 12 may be launched this year. All the smartphone businesses have pushed the system update to the modern models of smartphones. So, their consumer can take the gain of the Android 11. Don’t need to worry about approximately different customers who’ve no longer got the device to replace for Android 11. It’s going to take very little time and you may additionally revel in the unseen features of Android 11 in few months.

It might be viable which you get fewer functions inside the phone-primarily based on which agency’s phone you are using of however in case your telephone has Android 11 OS then you will get all the capabilities of it from the Google company or system side.
Many users need to try new features in Android eleven and curious to find those kinds of features. Quality! We’ve discovered a few new unseen features of Android 11 and feature shared them with you human beings in this article. In case you locate a number of those hidden features that are new for you, then don’t forget to attempt that.

Unseen features of Android 11 – explained all

When any operating system got up to date, you may locate some changes and new features interior it alternatively it may be IOS, windows or Mac, etc. Within the whole manual, we can undergo the newly delivered capabilities by way of Google in Android 10 that represents Android 11.

1. Notification History up to 24 hours

Every so often, while putting off the worst notifications from the notification bar we do away with important ones. In case you also are one of the three billion monthly lively Android 11 customers, then you don’t need to fear it due to the fact you could see it inside the notification records. Even though in the notification history of your tool you may find all worst notifications additionally of ultimate 24 hours. When you on the Notification history settings for your smartphone, it’ll start saving all the notifications as an alternative it comes from any apps.
To prompt the notification history settings in your phone comply with these instructions.

  • Take any Android phone and open the settings menu.
  • Discover the apps & notifications or handiest Notifications and circulate internal them.
  • Right here, inside the notification section, you could manipulate all the settings related to notifications. Now, visit superior settings -> notification history.
  • Toggle on the notification records so you can locate any beyond notification for twenty-four hours.
  • Additionally, from here you can set the notification types, sound, notification reminders, turn off the notification for unique apps.

2. Built-in screen recorder – a second hidden feature of Android 11

Now, don’t ask stupid questions like what is new in the display screen recording? We can also do that in Android 10. You’re proper but you used any third-party apps to record the display screen of your smartphone. You will get lots of third-party screen recording apps on the internet or the Google play store. While you use any third-party app it forces you to provide lots of permission such that a microphone, camera, to access the storage of your smartphone.

So, it can go inside your non-public statistics additionally from the smartphone settings and here you lose your privacy.
Google has added an inbuilt display screen recorder in Android 11. So, you don’t require to use any other apps and it will defend your privacy. Via the manner, this in-built display recorder isn’t always evolved to a sophisticated degree however it can fill your simple requirements of the screen recording.
To use the display recording function in Android eleven open the quick access menu. Discover the display recorder icon and faucet on it. It’s going to allow you to choose options such that document audio and file display screen tap etc. In case you need more functions then you must use any third-party apps.

3. Schedule the dark theme

Well, the third unseen features of Android 11 is scheduled for the darkish theme. Google has delivered the native dark theme features in Android 10 and many of you’re using it often. Before the Android 10 versions, we must use any third-party apps for the dark theme matter like a display recorder.

Now, in Android eleven Google has introduced the scheduled dark theme function. It’s miles a mixture of a darkish theme + schedule. Now, you can set a time whilst your smartphone theme might be converted automatically within the dark and opposite of it. You could set the custom timings to show on or flip off the darkish theme. Furthermore, you could set the schedule according to the sunrise and sundown.

4. Improved smart voice controller

In the Android 10 and below version of its there are restrained voice manipulate functions. You can’t able to manage the whole smartphone from the voice controller. Android 10 allows you simplest to use voice manipulation within the apps and home display.
Google has stepped forward the smart voice controller in Android eleven and you’re going to get a very good enjoy with it. Using the modern-day smart voice controller of Android 11, you may switch from one utility to another application, traverse through the whole Android device, and open video, photos, and audio, and so on.

There are masses of different advantages additionally to use a clever voice controller.
In Android 10, you need to prepare your command perfectly to locate any precise things. Here, inside the modern version, you want to give a simple command or take the name of what you locate. Even a 10-year child can take care of the voice controller in Android 11.

Android chat conversation bubble

The chat communication bubble is introduced in Android 10 however Google has redeveloped it and made some adjustments and features that made it strong. Using the bubble you could quickly and truly get entry to any conversation so that you don’t need to open any verbal exchange app, again and again, to send messages often.
You may allow the bubble features from the settings menu of your smartphone.

  1. Soar to the settings menu of the Android phone.
  2. Now, go to apps & notification or notification -> advance settings -> Floating notification.
  3. Here, you have to pick the floating notification as a bubble. Even though each cell smartphone has exceptional settings but you may discover the bubble settings in the apps and notification submenu. So, discover it and try to find it if the over route does now not work for you.

While all of the apps will now not assist this bubble device. Some popular verbal exchange apps help this feature. After correctly turning on the bubble feature from the settings menu, you are geared up to get a bubble notification. While a notification comes from any app for your smartphone simply click on the increase icon on the proper top corner of notification within the quick access menu. It’ll robotically be transformed into a bubble.
Bubble notification will appear like a circle and when you press on it, it’ll be open. In case you want to close it then you ought to drag it to the passing icon which you locate at the bottom or pinnacle once you click on the bubble.

6. Split screen view

The sixth unseen features of Android 11 is the split-display view. But, a few smartphone companies like Xiaomi already provided split-display screen capabilities in the phone from the corporation side. Now, In Android eleven Google has introduced the split-display screen function within the Android OS. So, all Android uses can take the advantage of a cut up-display screen feature instead of the business enterprise consist of it or not.
To activate the breakup view follow these steps on your Android phone.

  • Open any app which you want to view at the cut up-screen.
  • Now, inside the app on the right side, you’ll see a small bar at the top or bottom. Simply drag it or snatch it to the left so the sidebar will open.
  • Right here, you may add any packages which you want. In step with my, you should add the maximum used application by using you. So, you could transfer from one app to every other app directly. You want now not to go to the house display.
  • After, successfully putting the sidebar. If you honestly click on any app from the sidebar then you can be switch to it.
  • To view programs in a cut-up-screen drag the second app from the sidebar and let it move. Now, you can revel in the cut-up-display view.
  • Cast your phone screen

Before Android eleven released inside the market, we used third-party apps to cast our screen on any large screen. We can connect Android’s display to a pc, projector, or any big display screen and play games, watch films and do many different matters. Occasionally you don’t experience comfortable using a small display screen then you can cast it and your smartphone’s screen will be seen on the big display and you can enjoy it.
If you are the usage of Android eleven you then don’t need to download any third-party apps. Google has added a built-in screencast feature. To turn at the display casting functions you need to go Settings ->connected device->cast. Now, you can find your tool on any massive screen and join it.
Whilst you use over and over screencast capabilities, Android eleven will allow you to create a shortcut for the fast get right of the menu entry. After the use of it more than one time, you have to edit the quick access menu by clicking on the pen icon. Now, order the all icons in line according to your desire.

8. Streamlined Media Player

That is the last unseen features of Android 11 in this newsletter however not least. The media player comes inside the Android OS whilst the primary version of Android is launched. Now, Google has advanced it in addition and upload a few admirable capabilities. In the foregoing model of the Android, you positioned a media player inside the notification bar. Now, it’s far eliminated from the notification menu and delivered to the quick access menu.
When you start any video or audio, you can manipulate it from the media menu. Right here, you will get quick access to all settings for the media. You should not move inside the video player to deal with the media. Also, within the brief get admission to the menu, you’ll discover a newly introduced segment of the device in which you can see all linked external gadgets to your telephone.

Summing up thoughts

It apparent Android 11 is better and progressed than Android 10. Google has brought lots more and new capabilities in Android eleven. Some of them you use each day but a few are hidden so we have delivered you to them in this guide. Some newly introduced functions can enhance your productiveness to do any work. As an example, due to the sidebar, it turns easy to move to some other app from one. Additionally, now Android has added a cut-up-display function so that you can carry out 2 work in distinctive apps at a particular time.
We hope you have got attempted this kind of new function in Android eleven and enjoyed them.