Top free photo to painting converter apps in 2021

Do you want to convert your photo to convert into a painting? There are some free apps in market through which you will be able to add effects, sliders and convert photo into paintings.
Here are the top 5 photo to painting converter apps.

Pikazo painting converter apps:

Need to ensure that your photograph appear just like an artwork made by you. On the other hand a composition that you have hanging in your home just like now?

Make a handmade portrait online and convert your photo to painting within few minutes. Instantly turn your photo into a painting. Pikazo have many different paint-like channels. This allows clients to transfer photos to create different preset. Pikazo likewise allows clients to organize a part of the effects with the help of the sliders.

In any case, the more programming that allows you to make your own channels blending in with a great deal of prior channels makes a bigger application.
It may work slowly, specially having different gadgets.


Book Hand-painted Portraits from photos using this app. The application uses 14 different presets with various tone and pen diagrams. The preset likewise changes the texture and consistency of the “paint. The application doesn’t offer however much power over the impacts that some others, yet you can change some light and detail.

The application additionally doesn’t see however many updates as some others.

Portrait Painter:

As the name recommends, Portrait Painter creates perfect image on pictures of individuals and pets. You can think to use the first tones from the picture or using a more brilliant tone and shade range by keeping all things equal.

Make handmade portrait painting and create more Portrait paintings using this Portrait painter app. Clients can change the brush type just as the material sort, which can leave an unobtrusive surface in the last picture.

Brushstroke painting converter apps:

This is perhaps the most full-highlighted applications committed to advanced artworks. Brushstroke has perhaps the best determination of instruments to alter that photograph to painting look.

You may choose the artistic creation style. Yet, you can likewise pick the material kind. Video styles are an alternative also. Now, get your hand painted portrait using Brushstoke app. So what’s the drawback? Adding video styles and extra outline styles likewise accompanies further in-application buys.


Prisma is additionally free on the two iOS and android. This has helped construct the application’s fame. There’s a bunch of sliders for photograph altering. There are many changes in photos like openness, difference, and sharpness.

Prisma is the best photo to painting converter app for android. You can build custom handmade portrait from photo using Prisma app. Now convert your photo to drawing within few minutes. Turn your photo into a painting using these five top apps of 2021.

These are all some of the best Top free photo to painting converter apps in 2021. I hope this post will help you to know about it.