The step you should perform When You Forgot Password Of Phone

All people would like privacy and for that, it must lock your private tool or devices such that mobile and tablet. Moreover, The company presents sufficient security in each device to defend the customers. Now, this question that comes to every smartphone user’s mind is that what action we should take when we forgot the password of the Android or iOS device. Right here, we’ve supplied the answer for you folks.

As you all grasp, forgot a password is irritating for everyone. After that, you can’t use the data that is store in your device’s internal memory, and it is very hectic. Also, all of us don’t want to lose our whole records which is inside the device.

You’ll locate many techniques on the internet to recover your android tool after forgot your password without dropping the information. Might it is going to be just right for you in any other case you have to reset your smartphone using find my device and factory reset.

So, we have suggested some tools in this guide through which you can take a backup of the data after you forgot the password. If you don’t want to take the backup then you can factory reset your whole device and your phone’s screen lock will be erased.

Methods to unlock without data loss

Unlock Android Phone with Android device manager

Make sure that you have remembered the Google account id and password which is connected with the locked phone. Otherwise, it will not allow you to enter into the dashboard of the Android device manager. If you forgot the password of the Google account then you can reset it using the forgot password feature.

  • Take another mobile, tablet, or computer device and open any browser. Now search for Android device manager and go to the first link.
  • Now, it’s time to sign in to ADM using the google account which is connected with your locked smartphone.
  • Here, you will get the list of the connected Android device and you have to select the particular one which is locked.
  • Here, click on the Lock option. It will allow you to set a temporary new password on your phone.
  • Now, on the interface of the Android device manager, enter the temporary password and confirm it by entering again. After that verify the confirmation message.
  • Next, go to the locked screen of a smartphone and enter a temporary password and follow the step to unlock your phone.

So, this method allows you to unlock the phone without losing a single piece of information.

Unlock iPhone using Apple id and password

This is the simplest method to unlock your iPhone using the find my iPhone. To use this method, you must have your Apple account id and password as you have to log in to your Apple account.

  • Open the web browser on any computer or other smartphone.
  • Next, search for the Find my iPhone and go to the first link from the provided result.
  • Now, Log in to the Find my iPhone account using the Apple id and password.
  • Now, expand the list of all connected devices and select the lock iOS device.
  • Finally, in this step, you will unlock the iPhone. So, click on the unlock option and it will ask you to verify yourself by entering the Apple account id and password.
  • Next, you can reset the password for your device from the Find my iPhone dashboard and enter it into your locked iOS device so that you can open it.

Alright, we have suggested you unlock your iOS and Android device using the connected account but incase if you forgot the id and password of the connected account then you can use the below methods. It will not ask you to enter the id and password.

Using the Drfone tool

This device doesn’t work for all manufacturers of smartphones. If it doesn’t work on your smartphone then you can continue with the further approach.
Drfone is a third-party tool through which you can take backup of all data from your smartphone. After taking the backup of the data you can factory reset the device and restore it from the Drfone tool.

  • The first step is that Download and installs the Drfone tool on the computer.
  • Open the Drfone software program on your pc and choose Unlock option( eliminate your smartphone’s display lock). After choose to unlock the android display.
  • connect your smartphone with a laptop or computer via a USB cable. On the dashboard of the Drfone software, you will find the list of supported devices and choose your device brand and model from there.
  • you may see instructions to get an Android phone in the download mode. So, simply follow the on-screen instruction.
  • After following the 4th step you could see that the program is downloading a few restoration applications. It’s going to take five to 10 mins and you could see the downloaded percent on the screen.
  • This is the last step to unlock your Android device. On this, you don’t require to do whatever. You may discover something written on the screen like disposing of the password.

As Drfone completes this final process, press the home button and power on your smartphone and you may be surprised along with your unlocked phone.

Using the Aroma file manager

Using Aroma file manager you can wreck pattern lock and password lock also.

Requirements :

  1. Your smartphone has to support an outside SD card.
  2. One SD card.

Forgot password is certainly annoying however the Aroma file manager can unlock all manufacturers of the android smartphone without dropping the data. So, allows attempt if this approach works for you.

Step 1:

Take one SD card and download the Aroma file manager into it. Now, insert an SD card into the locked device.

Step 2:

Power on your smartphone in restoration mode. To begin the smartphone in recovery mode turn off your phone, then press and hold the power + home + volume up button till the device brand indicates up. Now, select to start the device in restoration mode.
Each android device has a one-of-a-kind technique to start the smartphone in restoration mode so search on google consistent with your version and brand.

Step 3:

After acting step 2, press the volume + or – button to go up and down. To choose something press the home or power button.
Now, You simply need to click on “set up Zip from SD card” or “apply an update for SD card“. Navigate where you have got inserted the zip document and set up it.

Step 4:

After installing, it’ll open in recovery mode. While Aroma file manager will open, visit settings->automount all gadgets on begin (move at the bottom to pick out this feature) and just go out.

Step 5:

Open aroma report manager once more via performing steps three and four.
Go to facts folder -> device folder. Discover the “password.Key” for pattern lock and “gesture.Key” documents for password lock.

Step 6:

Delete the password.Key or gesture.Key document and exit from the aroma document manager. Restart your phone.

Step 7:

Finally, you’ve got executed but you will see the lock on your screen. Don’t fear, draw any random pattern so that you can be used within the future to unencumber your phone.

Unlock Samsung phone using find my mobile

Find my phone by Samsung is the same as google android device manager. The usage of it you could discover your lost or stolen phone.
Samsung brand presents their user to reset forgot password via Find my mobile. Google android tool manager has removed the characteristic to reset forgotten passwords in any other case it may reset the password for all manufacturers of the phone. Let’s try to set a new password on the Samsung phone using find my mobile.

  • Move to find my mobile and sign in to the Samsung account.
  • Choose to unlock the option in the right-left nook. Click on unlock button. Input the password of your Samsung account. It’s going to cast off all locks from your Samsung tool.

This method is the easiest manner to do away with the lock-out of your Samsung device without dropping the information.

Bypass android lock using third party app

This method works only if you are the use any third-party app to lock your phone. In case you are using the in-built lock feature then try every other technique. That is the easiest method to unlock any brand’s smartphone.
Observe these steps to liberate your android device

  • Press the power or home button on your phone. Faucet and hold the “power off” button.
  • you may see a pop-up message to begin your device in a secure mode. Press confirm and your tool will begin in a secure mode.
  • Now, uninstall the third-party lock screen app and reboot your tool again.
  • you will locate your smartphone unlocked. Now, you may download any third-party app once more and set a brand new password.

Use the Android SDK tool

You should have a computer
USB debug mode is enabled in your locked phone

This method only works, if you have already toggle on USB debugging mode in the smartphone before it is locked. Otherwise, you should go for another method.

  • Download and install the Android SDK tool on your device. Also, remember the path of installation. You can install it anywhere but after installing it you have to open a command prompt and move to the location.
  • Go to where you have installed the Android SDK tool and open the command prompt there.
  • Connect your phone with the computer through a lightning USB cable or charging cable and paste this command to command prompt: ADB shell rm /facts/machine/gesture.Key
    Now, tap on the Enter key.
  • As you press enter in step 3, you’ll locate your smartphone unlocked.

Methods to reset your entire phone

Factory reset Android

On this approach, you will lose your whole data. In case your smartphone records are not vital then you could do this approach in any other case cross for the above approach.

Right here, some steps to factory reset.

  • Power off your cellular smartphone
  • Press the ad holds the home + volume down button. You’ll get some options on your screen.
  • Now use your volume + or – button to move up-down and the home button to select something.
    Pass down and pick wipe statistics/factory reset. Press yes.
  • as soon as the technique is finished, restart your smartphone.

You’ll discover your smartphone is unlocked but without all information.

Factory reset iPhone

Once, you don’t need the data stored inside your iOS device or above any method that doesn’t work to open the screen lock of your iPhone then you can factory reset it using iTunes or iCloud.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the laptop and open iTunes.
  2. Make certain your iPhone is chosen from the left menu in iTunes.
  3. Click on the restore button in the middle of the iTunes Summary tab.
  4. You may pick to back up the contents of your iPhone to the laptop.
  5. iTunes will ask if you’re geared up to restore the iPhone, this will wipe all your records and settings from the device. Click on restore.
  6. iTunes will download, prepare and restore the software program to your iPhone. Do not unplug the iPhone from the computer at some point in this procedure!
  7. Whilst completed, iTunes will ask if you need to restore the backup. Pick “installation as a brand new iPhone” to start sparkling with manufacturing unit settings.
  8. Enter a name on your iPhone and the method is complete.


Here, notably given strategies have a few pre-requirement before you forgot the password to unlock it. Strive all methods one after the other and try to get a better one to recover your information.

In recent times, Android has elevated the safety of all gadgets so that all data are stored in an encrypted manner. Perhaps it’s far viable you may get better your records from all the above techniques, then go for factory reset and reset your device.

Also, iPhone already comes with high security and it’s not possible to unlock it without the passcode. But if you are taking the backup regularly in iCloud or iTunes then you can restore it after a hard reset of the iPhone. If you haven’t taken the backup you can contact the support team of Apple. They can help you.