Pitbull Dog Price in USA and Breed Information

The breed of Pit bull dogs is one of the most aggressive and high-tempered among all the breed of dogs. These dogs are good companions of humans and can be family members. The nature of these dogs is very gentle towards the kids. There is nothing to worry about if these dogs are around the children.
Pit Bulls are normally well disposed, active canines. They need a number of activities every time. They are very well raised canines and are anxious to do tasks.

The Pit bull dogs are exceptionally intelligent. As opposed to mainstream thinking, most of these dogs are patient and loving when they are young dogs, which makes them great family canines and small kids can safely regulate around any of these dogs.
Because of the breeding of these Pit bull dogs, they can generally be attracted to different dogs. However, if there will be a coincide with different pets in the event that they have been raised around them since they were puppy then they will treat all well. While a canine of any other breed may get forceful when brought up in a careless climate, Pit Bulls are not normally aggressive towards humans. These dogs only want love and affection from humans.

Now, in case if you want to buy a Pitbull puppy then given below is provided is the price of Pitbull in the USA
  • Price in USA 500$ to 1000$
  • Origin In USA
  • Lifespan 12 to 15 years
  • Weight Male- 16 to 30 KG, Female- 14 to 27 KG
  • Height 45 to 53 CM

Characteristics of Pitbull Dogs:

Size and Weight

The weight of Pitbull for the most part is somewhere in the range of 35 to 65 pounds and has a height of 24 inches tall. However, some may be somewhat larger and taller. They are strong canines with stocky forms when sound and they are known for having extraordinary strength compared to their size.

Skin and Colour

Almost every Pitbull has less hair on their body. They are mainly in a variety of tones. Typically, they are black and white many are also brown. The colour of their body is of high contrast and has a combination of tones with spots or brindle patterns.


Despite the fact that pit bulls are said to be very aggressive and active dogs. They can also be lovable for their master and caring towards the kids of the family in which they live. Attributes normally connected with pit bulls incorporate high energy, wanting to please, fast learning capacity, and ability to climb. They coexist well with people and different dogs on the off chance if they are appropriately treated.

Their standing for being aggressive and ready to assault comes when someone mistreats them or behaves rudely. This also happens frequently with the intention of dog battling, and on the grounds that some people forget to educate, prepare and appropriately socialize their dogs. Wring type of preparation can bring about an aggressive dog. Similarly, as with all varieties of dogs, pit bulls require preparing, and their attitudes change from one individual to another.


Although every dog is similar species, each breed of these dogs has some difference in their lifespan. We can say that the expectancy of living depends upon the care and the way of treatment we are giving to our pets. The normal lifespan for pit bulls is more than 12 to 14 years.

Origin and Information about Pitbull Breed

These dogs were first found in the early 19th century. The country of origin of these dogs is the USA. At first when people came to know about the Pit bulls. At that time, they were also used in wars and many other fights. Due to these all-things, people started thinking that Pit bulls are very dangerous and born to kill. But when people started keeping them as a pet, then they come to realize that if these dogs will be treated well. Then they can be best companions for humans. They can also be very friendly and protective towards kids.

Common health problems in Pitbull

1. Skin Problems

Pit bulls are normally in danger of a few skin problems going from itchy skin, tumours, and even skin disease. You should prepare your Pitbull routinely and clean their ears as a method of reducing skin problems. Because of their short hair, they are inclined to burns from the sun, which is the reason you should keep them in a cool and shady atmosphere.

Furthermore, if your yard is pervaded with mosquitoes and bugs, you’ll need to buy a dog-safe bug repellent for your pet. In the event that the itching increase, then your Pitbull may scratch themselves until cuts create, making the issue decline.
Skin cancer growth is the most terrible infection that your Pitbull can confront. So, you always need to contact a veterinarian in the event that you notice any skin-related problems.

2. Digestion issues

In the event that they will be not given legitimate dog food or better-quality food. Then, at that point, they will in general have a higher danger of issues like loss in weight, vomiting problems, and looseness of the stomach. We should always make sure to feed them the proper food given for the dogs. The utensils in which they eat also need to be clean.

3. Allergies

When we compare these dogs to other breeds of dogs, Pit bulls have more chances of getting allergies from many things. They are more influenced by dust, grass, ticks, or flies. They are additionally influenced by food sensitivities, especially grain or wheat segments.
When a Pitbull has an allergy, then they will scratch, lick, slobber, and shed unusually. The scratching can cause wounds and bleeding. We should treat our pets as fast as when we experience these issues in our pets.

4. Thyroid Disease

Thyroid infection is another issue for Pit bulls. When you will observe that your pitbull has gained unnecessary weight and many skin issues when thyroid organs aren’t delivering satisfactory thyroid chemicals.
After experiencing the actual signs, thyroid illness can cause unfortunate hostility and other behaviour changes.
When you will take the Pitbull to your veterinarian. Then they will perform blood tests to analyse thyroid infection. Your Pitbull may require lifetime dosages of thyroxine to balance the infection.

How to make my Pitbull Dog gain weight

When you purchased a Pitbull dog at that time, you thought that your dog will gain the normal weight easily as every other Pitbull dog. But if your Pitbull dog is not getting as much heavy as you thought that it would be. Or if your Pitbull is not weighing the same as normal Pitbull dogs do. Then you should know that how to make Pitbull dog gain weight?
There are several reasons for which your Pitbull is not gaining proper weight. If your pet was facing some sort of disease and recovered now. At this point, you will have to wait for some time to see your pet gaining proper weight. But, in other cases, if your dog is free from every disease and still not gaining weight. Then this problem will be due to not providing your dog a proper diet.
Now, in this case, if your dog is fit but still not gaining a proper amount of weight. Then you can make your pet gain weight by providing them a proper diet. Given below is the list and manner of feeding your pet:
You have to give your Pitbull one cup of proper food known as dog food. This food should contain 30 percent of protein supplements and 20 percent of fat supplements. You should provide this two times a day to your Pitbull.
You also have to provide a combination of raw ground meat weighing 5 pounds, then whole grain serial 5 cups each and also oats which should be slow cooking, with ½ cup wheat germs. Then you need to add it all in the vegetable oil of ¾ cup, and also eggs yolks at least 6. You can also add supplements used for gaining weight if you want. This mixture should be mixed properly and then you have to make balls of this mixture.
After making the balls you have to keep these all in the refrigerator for some amount of time. Once you will do this then you have to provide these mixed supplements balls with the food which you are feeding to your Pitbull.
When you will continue to feed in this manner and this food. Then you will observe that your Pitbull had gained a proper weight.

How to break up a dog fight Pitbull

If you are walking with your Pitbull dog on a street. Suddenly, you see that your pet has started to fight with some other dog. At that point, there are many chances that your pet will win. But when two dogs fight there are high chances of getting an infection to your pet. So, if you want to keep your dog safe then you should know the process to break up a dog fight Pitbull.
You can do this by following the tips and tricks provided below:

  • First of all, you need to be very calm when this type of thing happens in front of you.
  • You should try to make some sound which can create a fearful environment in front of the dogs. For example, you can make sounds with your legs or try to jump.
  • You can try to make sound with the help of mobile phone speakers. By doing this also the dogs can get distracted.
  • When nothing of these tricks works. Then you can also try to wet the dogs with the water pipe. Dogs have a fear of water, so whenever they will get in contact with water at that time, they can stop doing a fight.
  • You can also try a wheelbarrow method. This method is to grab the hind legs of the dogs who are fighting then separate them by pulling them apart.
  • Dogs also fear the spray. You can try to spray on the dogs who are fighting. If you will do this then also there are more chances of dogs to separate from each other.

So, these were some tips and tricks to break up a dog fight Pitbull. You can try any of them if you will be in this type of situation.

Best Dog food for Pitbull

There are normally two types of the condition according to that only we should feed our pet. If your Pitbull is a puppy then there will be different food to feed them. If your Pitbull is an adult then you have to feed them different food from the food you are feeding to a puppy.
You should always choose the food to feed your pet according to their age. If you will feed an adult dog food to a puppy then it will be very dangerous for their health. So, you should always be careful of choosing or purchasing food for your dog according to its age. Puppy food will never fulfil the needs of adult Pit bull dogs and adult food will be very dangerous for puppies.
So, you should always be sure of what you are buying for your Pitbull according to their age. Given below is the list of food you should provide to your Pitbull:

  • Annamaet Ultra 32% Dry dog food. You can provide this dog food to your adult Pitbull as well as the puppy. So, it does not matter if your dog is an adult or a puppy.
  • Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed adult. This food is only for the adult and large breed of Pitbull.
  • Bully Max High Performance for Pit bulls. We can feed this food to the puppies as well as the adult dogs.
  • So, this was the list of some best Dog Food for Pitbull. You should always make sure about the food before feeding your pet.