Medical vs chemical peel

A Medical peel is a powerful skin repair treatment that removes dead skin cells, skin issues like acne, discoloration from the skin and uncover the ‘new’ layer of the skin and maintain a glowing complexion so the skin appears more smoother and vibrant. A medical peel treatment minimizes the age, plums the skin and softens the fine lines and moreover improves tone and texture of the skin.
On the other hand, Chemical peel treatment is one of the most popular skin treatments performed today. It comes in a variety of strengths and combinations. Applied to the skin to remove the top layers that make the skin more smoother than before. Brightens the skin,lightens the acne blemishes and prevents future outbreaks. Additionally, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and increases the intensity of collagen and elastin in the skin.
If we talk about Medical vs Chemical Peel and their differences, both don’t have much difference or we can say that both have minor variations. They both work the same for skin and to resurface the skin. To increase the effectiveness, these peels combine with the products and give you the warm sensation solution to your skin.

Slight variations between medical vs chemical peel

Medical peel vs Chemical peel both have the slightest differences such as

  • Medical peels are the most gentle type of chemical peel whereas chemical peels control the shedding of the skin cells and creates a fresh appearance and smooth texture on your skin.
  • Made up of alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids and also include salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid. On the other side chemical peels have pH levels that are categorized as superficial, medium and deep depending on the active ingredients.
  • Medical peels are absolutely painless as there is minimum time recovery involved. On the contrary, most people feel a burning sensation for about 5-10 minutes after chemical peel treatment.
  • Medical peel is great for individuals with very minimal traits of aging, sun damage and acne scarring and chemical peel also removes the sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and early pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Facts About Chemical peel

There are some serious facts about chemical peel. Have a look on the facts:

  • Skin becomes more sensitive after chemical peel treatment so don’t forget to wear sunscreen everyday.
  • It reduces age spots, dark patches.
  • Skin appearance improved as repairs the damages of the skin.
  • There is a period of recuperation as skin peels damage the skin.
  • After chemical peel treatment, there may be damage for several days for the skin that was treated.
  • The dermatologist often uses chemical peels and other destructive techniques like laser treatment to end the acne scarring or sun damage.

If you are thinking about the chemical peel treatment for your skin

If you are thinking of getting the chemical peel treatment for your skin then firstly you should consult your doctor, if you faced any kind of scars or cold sores in the past or they are coming back. Then your doctor may ask you to stop the drugs if you are taking them and prepare your skin for other treatments and also prescribe you some antibiotics or antiviral drugs. With the help of your doctor you determine the depth of your peel.

You should know how chemical peels are done.

Chemical procedure is a day case or same day surgery. It means you don’t have to stay at the hospital overnight. The doctors who treat your skin will first clean your skin then they will apply one or more chemical solutions on your skin such as, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid to the areas of your skin so the damages on your skin can be controlled during treatment. The doctors may give you the advice to take pain medication after a deeper peel. After the deep chemical peel before and after skin varies differently as it glows more and your acne problem is also solved.

What are the pros and cons of Chemical peel treatment

There are advantages and disadvantages of Chemical peel treatment as follows.

  • It protects your skin because after the treatment your skin has a newly formed layer so you need to protect it with an effective sunscreen to avoid sun scars.
  • Chemical peel treatment reduces the dark spots, fine lines, scars and wrinkles.
  • It gives a brightening texture so your skin glows more beautiful.
  • Improves the tone of the skin and gives you a brightening effect.
  • It produces drastically smoother and youthful appearing skin.
  • Chemical peel treatments are more likely to create a problem for some skin types like their skin developing temporary or permanent color change in the skin.
  • Some people are more likely to have scars on their skin after the treatment. If scarring does happen, then it can be treated with good results so there is no need to worry about it.
  • Sometimes people report some discomfort on their skins and a kind of burning sensation after the treatment.
  • There are also the chances of reactivating the cold sores if people were having a history of herpes outbreaks. If this happens then you can ask your doctor to prevent or treat that.

Reviews of medical vs chemical peel

Medical peel review: I use three levels of medical grade peels very carefully and understand the process from my doctor. I want to caution because everyone has different skin so you should never trust and expect someone else’s review so get your own experience and you should have your safe plan. It is effective for me with three different peels.
Chemical peel review: I used chemical peel for my skin. It was easy to use and gentle on my skin, however I never peel before. It’s a good product.