How to make a free website without any coding skills?

Nowadays, all businesses man interested to take their business online or on the digital platform. So, to do online business you must have a strong and attractive website. Here, we will give you the reason why you should have a website and how to make a free website.
As you find your old friend from their social media profile, your customer will find your business on the internet via your business website. Obviously, if your customer comes to visit your office physically, it will take more time but via the website, they can contact you in a couple of minutes.
Also, it happens all people are not connected with the social media profile of your business so you can give update them via your website. If your business is related to people’s search, then the search engines will show your site to search results and your small business can be expanded.
So, this is the basic reason why every business needs a website and now we move towards making a free website.

What things do you need before you start to make a free website?

To start the website you must have a domain name which is the identity of your website. You can buy a professional domain name or use the free domain name for your website. Here, You will see a list of websites that provides you a free domain and you can check availability for the domain name.

However, you will not get free domain name with .com, .in, or .org etc extensions but they can provide you .xyz, .ml, and, .tk extensions domain name. If your business is professional then you should domain name with .com extension. So, people can easily find your website on the internet.

Keep something on your mind while registering the domain name. It should be as short as possible. Don’t add any other character than 26 alphabetical letters if possible. Make sure the domain name is related to your business so, in the search result related to your website, it appears on the top. Now, you can go to register your domain name on any platform which provides the best offers these days.

Choose a Hosting service to make a free website

After completely registering the free or paid domain name you must have a hosting plan to host your website. You can choose any free website builder which provides the best service and more popular as hundreds of website builder available on the online market platform.

To choose hosting or website builder, you should focus on some facts. Choose the service which is totally free or gives the best service at lower prices. While choosing the hosting service check the review of it on various platforms and after that test the customer service of it. Choose which one provides you 24/7 customer support and you can raise a ticket when any technical problems occur on the website.

You can use any website builder such that WIX, and Webly by signing up on that website but website builder companies can’t support you while facing the technical issue so choose to host providers such that Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, etc. and try to build your website using the WordPress website builder. These days, most hosting providers offer a WordPress website builder.

Check this, you will get a free 1-year hosting plan from a popular hosting provider. After, 1 year you have enough money to handle your website and which you can earn through the website. If you will use totally free plan then you will not get proper help from their side and it will be awful for you and your website.
So, by considering the above factor choose the best hosting service provider and host your domain name there. I literally know that you are unknown about how to host domain names but don’t worry. Contact the support team of your hosting provider and they will give you steps by step instructions and so you will get a chance to check the customer support.

What next after hosting the domain name?

I hope, you have hosted your domain name and you are ready to make a free website using WordPress website builder. After, couple of hours you will see only the home page when you open the domain on any web browser. However, some website provider takes 24 hours.

Once, the website is hosted completely, you have to access your WordPress website dashboard. You can get id and password from the hosting provider account to enter into the WordPress dashboard. If you can’t find it then again you can contact the support team and they will guide you.

After, entering the WordPress dashboard, you have to install the basic plugin to set up your website. So, from the plugin section, Download the plugin and activate it. Also, don’t forget to set up it. You can search on Google or any other search engine for basic plugins. Furthermore, If you are building a website for the shop then you can install extra plugins related to that. Also, don’t forget to install an Anti-spam protection plugin to secure your website.

How to set up the theme and create the first page on your website?

After installing the plugin, you have to set up a theme. So, in the dashboard theme section, you will find thousands of free theme templates. Download any theme and you can activate it. if you like another theme that is not inside WordPress then you can download it and upload it to the WordPress dashboard. So, you can use internal and external themes. But I recommended you use an internal theme because maybe some external themes have a virus and which can crash the code of your website.

So, after activating the theme, set up it properly. Set the color of the global theme. Set text settings and typography. Don’t forget to set the logo and site identity line on the Navbar. Also, make the attractive top menu and footer. Your site is ready after settings up these things.
Now, you will create the first page on your website. So, create the home page which can contain all the basic information about your website and business. For every professional website, the privacy policy and terms & conditions page is a must.

After making all pages, you should start to create the post. Give updates to your website visitors via creating new posts. Make sure you focus on SEO to rank your website on the search engine.
It’s all about from first to last to make a free website.


Many of you have created your first free website and I hope you enjoyed them. So, you can monetize your website through various ads provider and can generate revenue if you have enough and quality content on your website and visitors. However, some of ads provider allows you to put ads without proper content.
Next, start to promote your website on various social media platforms and generate traffic so you can generate more revenue for your business.