Love is a feeling, no doubt.
But it is more than just a feeling.
It is an essence.
Wait, not just that, but it is a universe in itself.

You cannot measure it using a barometer. You cannot tamper it with terrorism, and you certainly cannot erase it because it is a permanent marker.

Love gives people hope in times of sorrows, griefs, and hardships of life. You cannot live without love, even for a little while.

Let us take you to the ten pointers that make sure your love is true love-
  • You get jealous every time your love stares at the opposite sex.
  • You can’t stop thinking about how your love would do things in your life if they were in your place.
  • Even two hours of no communication with your love makes you unstable like pure Sodium.
  • Even a mention about your love miles away from your place makes you think about them incessantly.
  • You never measure your love for your loved one. You keep on doing stuff like writing letters, sending texts/gifs, and calling them ten times a day unstoppably.
    true love
  • Close your eyes, and you see them. open your eyes, and you want to see them in front of you.
  • You can be anything with them. Be it an agony aunt, cute pet, cranky kid, or knowledgeable uncle.
  • You watch movie songs and music videos and imagine the two of you in them, creating an everlasting memory of love.
  • Things around you feel and look more beautiful when your love is on your mind.
  • You would do anything to be with your love or go to any lengths to catch a glimpse of them.
Let us take you to the ten pointers that make sure your love is not even close to calling your true love-
  • The moment that person leaves your vicinity, you forget about them.
  • You do not feel even an ounce of jealousy when that person stares at the opposite sex.
  • It is easy for you to disconnect with them even when they are right in front of you.
    broken heart
  • You know you are with that person only for physical gratification.
  • You don’t wish to talk to them every day.
  • That person is not the one you call when you have good/bad news to share.
  • You can easily picture that person with someone else. Even if it is- someone you know very well.
  • Even if that person is after you like crazy, you do not see yourself loving them or waking up next to them soon.
  • Meeting that person once in a while is fun, but meeting them more than once is not that fun.
  • Texting, calling, or video-calling them does not excite you even a little bit.

We hope that the reasons mentioned above help you differentiate between true love and no love.

Now, let us hop onto the topic of what is true love?

It is the warmth, tenderness, passion, desire, compassion, loyalty, fondness, and sentiment you feel for someone you genuinely love with all your heart and might.

In true love, these are the five hallmarks you see existing-

  • Love is equal on both sides.
    One does not dominate a lot.
    The other does not ignore a lot.
    One does not push a lot.
    The other does not nag a lot. Everything is 50-50.
    Be it laughter, madness, sex, efforts, companionship, time, love, comfort, support, loyalty, or care.
  • There is absolutely no palace for doubt/suspicion/betrayal/lies/hatred/cheating/extra-marital affairs/fatal attractions. In true love, only your love matters. Everybody else in the background exists only in the background. They are immobile and absolutely unnecessary for reciprocating your feelings.
  • A lot of space. True love gives a lot of time to reboot, re-energize, rejuvenate, relax, and recuperate your soul. When you are constantly in touch with the one you love, you forget to love and value yourself. You say goodbye to your time. In true love, an ample amount of space, distance, and separation exists, which is healthy. It does not cause any harm to the mental state of the individuals in true love. It helps them get to know themselves better. And if they know themselves better, only then will they know and love each other better. A deepened concept, but very much true in terms of true love.
    true love
  • There is only happiness, positivity, prosperity, and harmony on the planet of true love. There is no place for sadness, negativity, failure, and disharmony in true love. Sharing even five happy moments, as opposed to one sad moment, is enough to grow a plant of true love in the hearts of two entwined souls.
  • There is a lot of physical intimacy, physical touching, and physical connectivity. In true love, when two souls get entwined, there exists a lot of touching, cuddling, caressing, and pampering. It is not true love if you are looking at someone and thinking about someone else. It is not true love if you are touching someone and thinking about someone else.


True love does not come to you when you think it would. Or, wait, when the astrologer told you it would. It will come to you at unexpected places and unexpected times. You can fall for someone of the opposite sex or of the same sex. It is true love if you know it in your heart, mind, and soul that you cannot imagine your future without them.

Another quick pointer to remember- true love is not a narcissist. In short, it is not manipulative, dogmatic, biased, insulting, criticizing, demeaning, torturing, or sass-mouthing. True love is the exact opposite of narcissism. It is when you love someone more than you love your pride, anger, self, and soul.

True love is the dawning sun in times of depressing depression.

Have you fallen for someone lately? Let us know in the comments below. We are dying to know your side of the story!