how to get linksys default login username password and ip addresses

Linksys Wi-Fi Range extender is a powerful networking device, it helps the computer to recognize better and stronger wireless signals. It repeats your Wi-Fi signal so that your Wi-Fi signal can be increased or expand. It sends your Wi-Fi signal to those places where the network of Wi-Fi signal range is very low. The Linksys Wi-Fi extender is used in places where the Wi-Fi router’s signal is weak. In such a situation, we are not able to get internet speed also, sometimes we are not able to use the internet. You can use an extender in such a situation. To use the extender, first, the extender has to be connected to the router and the linksys default login has to do it, for this, the Linksys router username and password must be known.

Linksys Wi-Fi Extender is very helpful to increase the router’s wi-fi range, which he has decided in the Dead Zone. The wire-free range extender permits you to transfer(pass on) the wireless network from your router to the place where the wireless signal is delicate. On the off chance that you are stressed over feeble inclusion issues in and around your home, a wi-fi range extender can help you. If you want to log in to the Linksys extender, you can do it by Linksys username and password.

What is Default Login username and password?

Linksys default Login username is the default customer is an exceptional customer account in a working framework that contains the default profile information for a new customer.
Linksys default password is the default secret password is a standard pre-designed secret password for a device. Such default passwords are used to log in to some devices.

Access the login page using the Linksys default username and password

If you are linksys default login, so this process is very effortless and simple. To log in, you need to know the IP address, default username, and password. Every user easily log-in the Linksys extender. The Linksys default usernames, passwords, and IP addresses list are given below.

Model Default Username The Default Password Default IP Address
BEFCMUH4 admin
BEFDSR41W admin admin
BEFN2PS4 admin
BEFSR11,41,41W,81,U31 admin
BEFSX41 admin
BEFVP41 admin
BEFW11S4 admin
CG7500 admin
E1200,2000,2100L,3000,3200,8400 admin admin
E1550,1700,2500 admin
E4200 [none]1 admin
E4200 admin1 admin
E5600,7350,800,8350,8450,900 admin
EA2700 admin admin
EA2750 admin
EA3500 admin admin
EA4500 admin admin
EA5800 admin
EA6100 admin admin
EA6200 admin admin
EA6350 admin
EA6400,6500,6900,7200,7300,7500 admin admin
EA8300 admin
EA8500,9200 admin admin
EA9300,9500 admin
MR7350,83003,90003,9600 user chosen user chosen
MX4200,12600 user chosen admin
WAG120N,160N,310G,320N,354G,54G,54GP2,54GS admin admin
WCG200 admin
WRH54G admin
WRK54G admin
WRT100,110 admin
WRT120N admin
WRT1200AC admin admin
WRT150N admin
WRT160N admin
WRT160N-HP admin
WRT160NL admin
WRT1900AC admin admin
WRT1900ACS admin admin
WRT300N,310N admin
WRT3200 admin admin
WRT3200ACM admin
WRT320N,32X,330N,350N,400N,51AB,54AG admin
WRT54G admin
WRT54G2 admin
WRT54G3G-AT admin
WRT54G3G-AU admin
WRT54G3G-EU admin
WRT54G3G-ST admin
WRT54G3G-UK admin
WRT54G3GV2-ST admin admin
WRT54G3G-VN admin
WRT54GC admin
WRT54GH admin
WRT54GL admin
WRT54GP2 admin admin
WRT54GP2A-AT admin
WRT54GR admin
WRT54G-RG admin
WRT54GS,GS2 admin
WRT54G-TM admin
WRT54GX,GX2,GX4 admin
WRT55AG admin
WRT600N,610N admin
WRTP54G admin admin
WRTSL54GS admin
WRTU54G-TM admin
WTR54GS admin

If you want to login to Linksys Extender you will have to check the model name of Linksys, then see in Linksys sheet, what is the linksys default username and password or Ip address. After seeing, then you fill the column and click on log-in. After that, the linksys default login process will be completed.

How to change the password using the default password

If you want to change the password of the linksys, then the default password should be known. Some steps to change the password are given below.

  • Access the web browser and open it.
  • Type the linksys default ip address in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Then, log-in page wii be see appear on the screen. After that, type the default linksys username and click on log-in.
  • The screen appear many option, but you click administration. After that, click on management section.
  • Uner management section, 3 column are pop-up. Unser 1st column enter the default password and 2nd column enter the new password, 3rd column enter the confirm New password and click on apply.

Now, the process of change the password of linksys extender is successfully complete.