How IPL become so Popular

As we all know that the game of cricket is played in 3 formats. All of these formats are very interesting. But one thing is sure with every type of sports, that whichever game is played audience only like to watch the shorter and exciting format more. We also know that cricket is the only game that can also last up to 5 days. This format of the game in cricket that lasts up to 5 days is said as the test match. The test match or test cricket is the oldest form and first form of playing cricket game.
As the days passed after the discovery of the game “Cricket” which was discovered by the Britishers. Many of the audience were started losing interest in the longest format of the game to be played. So, due to this the interest and fan following of cricket started decreasing. Then people who were organizing the game established the shorter form of this game that was known to be ODI (one-day internationals). Now, this format of the game was played for up to 6 to 7 hours including breaks as well. The limit of over was 50 overs.

After some time, the ODI format of the game also started losing some viewers. So, at last, the board of cricket decided to make the shortest format of the game. From there the shortest format of cricket gets started which is said as T-20 format. As the name only overs played in this game is 20 overs. When the T-20 format launched after that also people were not getting attracted to cricket as the organizers were expecting. At that time, the IPL launched which changed the face of cricket in front of the audience. After that IPL started to became very popular. Given below are the factors that led IPL to become a very popular game not only in cricket but also in the list of all the big tournaments of different sports.

Factors that led IPL to become one of the most popular tournaments

There are so many reasons behind getting famous in the Indian Premier League. These reasons include many aspects that are related to viewership, big players, shorter format, incredible hitting, and many sponsorships. The amount of profit that a team owner makes throughout the season is also the factor. Due to this only many businessmen and Bollywood celebs also buy the team in the Indian Premier League.
The popularity and the brand value of the tournament increase every year.

The main reason for this increase in brand value and popularity is the audience of India. In India, almost every person is fond of watching cricket. So, day by day many big brands and many broadcasting channels are willing to sponsor and stream live IPL matches. Due to this team players and team owners get so much money. Nowadays it is said that the Indian Premier League has become one of the most successful leagues all around the world. The place of the Indian Premier League is not only in cricket but in all sports.
Given below are the main reasons behind this:

Top stars of cricket playing in the tournament

The first reason for the popularity of IPL came in by the presentation of the idea of “Iconic players”. Indian legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, and Yuvraj Singh were entitled as the legendary players of India. In this way, on the off chance that one didn’t have a place with the urban areas addressing an IPL team, then also he/she would in any case support a team that consists of their favorite players.

IPL is one such stage. From Ab de Villiers to David Warner, from Shakib al Hassan to Jos Butler, IPL brings players from one side of the planet to the other. These worldwide stars were the group pullers and each establishment guaranteed they have a solid pool of global players. The presence of abroad players likewise helps IPL to grow worldwide.

Unite Family Members

As we all Indians are known for the way of life and different customs followed by many and the qualities that a family accompanies. During the 90s cricket was a family sport, in any case, because of the arrangement of the game many began to lose interest. With the initiation of the IPL, which is 3-4hours of a match, it is very much focused on family performers. It has dramatization, feeling, and tension as the nail-gnawing death overs. IPL turned into a subject of family conversations and nobody needed to be held up unconscious on what’s presently occurring in the tournament. So, this is enough to say that IPL unites the family members every time.

The shorter format of Cricket

Now, we all are aware of the reason for which the T20 cricket was presented, the essential explanation was to bring back devotees who might not have the opportunity to get up to speed for a five-day test match cricket. Despite the fact that there are individuals who strictly follow the game will any day incline toward test cricket over T20 matches.

In any case, with the quick world, T20 was the need of great importance for the sport of cricket. T20 got an entirely different class of crowd who picked the more limited organization in view of its span. IPL has acquainted with take this endeavor to a next level. The evening plans guaranteed that fans could complete their day-by-day tasks and watch the game which would keep going for only 3 hours. Furthermore, it also allowed the students who were going to school and the people who have offices during the daytime to watch IPL matches at night with their families.

Money and Sponsorships

Perhaps the most beneficial component of IPL is that it is completely coordinated in India which is a country with a lot of fans holding fast to cricket. What’s more, it looks like making in a real sense crore for only 15 days of matches played. As it is perhaps the most anticipated event a ton of accentuation is put to TV. On the off chance that you consider different associations there is just not that much cash, guests, or players regardless yet here from celebs to Bollywood, everything is somewhat stirred up which loans an ideal delight to the occasion just as yes cash too.

Notwithstanding that there are a lot of costs as well, IPL as referenced prior is a game that is precious to the hearts of numerous individuals and that is the reason there would positively be a steady increment of individuals in the field and furthermore now and again overbooking too to savor the experience of the occasion. Since occurrence, there are a lot of focuses that need to be done and a lot of wheels that should be fixed into the movement to ensure for the sitting arrangements, lights just as vehicle leave, the food, and furthermore a supervisory group that can take care of the crammed field and makes sure that everybody appreciates and furthermore can proficiently partake in the computer game with no additional pressure and tension.

There are no associated strings

It is an event to be totally enjoyed and ingested for the individual allure and furthermore kindness that it concocts, there are in a real sense no strings associated. You can cheer any sort of player all through or after the suit paying little mind to the group, they are playing in light of the fact that in those days a load of groups represented India which is altogether extraordinary with the Indian public. Therefore, nobody will surely be taunted for supporting out the worldwide sportspersons at the time since they are not representing overall groups at the factor which is fine also.

You can support any sort of team provided all of them are playing in India just as straightforwardly or by implication for India, it makes an open inclination for endorsement just as savoring the experience of an occasion paying regardless to anything.


We can say that IPL is significantly more like a Bollywood film going to and from after that it is a cricket tournament, the support of the Bollywood celebs and furthermore, the producers make it an event that looks considerably more like a suspense show than a cricket event. There are snapshots of satisfaction, minutes where feelings kind of trickle out, and after that, there are some blended minutes that sparkle the inclusion of cricket and furthermore cause everything to look like a quite good Bollywood film.

Consequently, in the event that you at any point before got a chance to partake in an IPL match after that, you will absolutely be worried to see that every last bit of it looks more like a continuous film with no scores of credits than it is a cricket suit. This is also the main reason for which Indians like to watch cricket. Due to the suspense in the game IPL becomes so much interesting.

So, these all were the main reasons behind getting famous for the Indian Premier League.