How do Google Documents work and the benefits of using it

Google documents are also called Google Docs. It is an online word processor that provides office productivity tools such as Google spreadsheets, Google documents, and Google slide show presentations and now they also offer Google forms with that you can create quick surveys, opinion polls and analyze them. Its main purpose to save time, you can give your opinions and fill them by sitting at home, no need to go anywhere. Google Drawings is used to create websites, contents, fixing images, diagrams, flow charts, linking videos, tables, shapes, and so on. You can learn many more things from there as they provide hundreds of concepts.

Google documents work with their editing smart tools and style your paragraphs and texts in a better way. With the help of Google Docs, you can add many things to your taxes or paragraphs like images and videos so that they can look more attractive.

Capabilities of Google Documents that works like a Pro

Google Documents works like a pro as it has many features and capabilities that either you don’t know or if you know about it then you don’t know how to use it. The abilities or the capabilities of Goggle docs are discussed below:

Google Docs provides a talking feature rather than typing

After a hectic schedule, you need rest as well as you have also work to do. Accordingly, you use your voice rather than your fingertips to complete your work. Google Docs has a Voice typing tool. To activate the Voice typing tool just go to the Tools section and select voice typing or you can activate it by pressing the ctrl+shift+S.
Then, a microphone type icon pops up on your screen that allows you to give a voiceover and for that, you need Google Chrome to access the microphone feature.

Add numerous kinds of fonts

Google Docs allows you to add numerous kinds of fonts. As you can see a font pull-down menu in the top corner of your document. Select more fonts and choose or add different kinds of fonts. Choose the font that makes your text or paragraph more sensible. You can also go through with the Google fonts that provide different same sentences, you can check the fonts by using Google fonts and you can also add any font in your Google docs.

Presents Clear formatting function

In Google docs, the clear formatting function helps you to remove the blocks from the selected paragraphs, texts and gives it a proper format. The proper formatting of paragraphs and sentences means color, boldness, attributes, its fonts that you have applied in your paragraphs or texts mistakenly it can be removed with this function.
What you have to apply this?

  • Then click on highlighted text area which is available on the right side of your Google Docs
  • Then select the Format section then tap for clear formatting.

After following these steps, you will apply a clear format in your paragraphs or texts. You
can also right-click the button from your mouse and you can see the clear formatting
the section at the end of the line.

You can tag someone in the comment section

Google Docs work in a very effective way, you can easily tag anyone in the comment section. The tagged person can notice or view the comment that you make on a document.
While writing any comment and want to tag anyone, just use the sign or symbols like @ or + in the comment section and then, write the name of the person whom you want to be tagged and after tagging, the person will instantly get an email pop up of your comment or question.

Gives you a Suggestion help

Google docs provide the suggestion mode to help you to edit your texts or paragraphs. It allows Google Docs to track the changes and it’s upon you to accept or reject them. This suggestion mode gives you a chance to change your paras before it gets a permanent mark. The pencil box is available in the upper right corner of the document that is the suggesting button, you can suggest or edit the paras or texts of your document. The change will show you color-coded suggestions, you might accept the change or decline it.

Add Bookmarks, less scrolling

By adding the bookmarks for your long texts or paragraphs then, you don’t have to scroll more. It makes the Google doc file easier to jump from one section to another or a particular section. So you have to mark a particular location so that you can quickly find and take on it, that’s bookmarking.
To use the bookmarking, just select the insert button and then tap on the bookmark to add the bookmark to your document. A small blue line appears on your texts to add the bookmarks.

Purpose of Revision History

If you are also searching for how to restore a past version in Google Docs or you think that your previous version was better than the latest one then you can restore or retrieve your history from Google Docs. The main purpose of restoring your revision history is to save your time as much as possible. So again so don’t have to work hard that’s why Google Docs has this amazing feature.
To access the revision history, do follow these steps:

  • Open your mail and go to the Google drive section and then open your file.
  • Then select the sheet and select on the file revision history and then see your revision history.
  • For restoring your revision history, you can see a chronological list on the right side, select it and restore the file to open or view it.

You can never lose your revision history if you go back to the revision history and select
the more current way to choose your edited Docs.

Benefits of using Google Documents

  • Google Docs saves you a lot of time.
  • Google docs allow you to access it and use the online documents for your own use for free. It does not charge a single penny from you.
  • It gives you the benefit of using spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, documents, drawings, surveys, and so on.
  • Its useful revision history function retrieves or restores your previous work to save your time and energy.
  • It has effective tools to edit or features your documents.
  • It has the powerful function to add more fonts from the documents or by using online Google fonts to add to the list of your Google Docs.
  • It gives you the security feature who has the right access only that person can see it.

I personally recommend you to use Google Documents for your work as it helps you to share important documents or if you are in the business world then this is the key solution for your work problems. As it saves you time if you are a busy person, it also collaborates with projects and drafts as is the fast and efficient tool.