Dropbox Cloud Storage

Dropbox is a leader in the cloud-based storage service. As well, multiple businesses require a data backup plan and handily share files, so Dropbox Cloud Storage is a quintessential service for business purposes. In other words, it is impeccable for those users who want to back up their files.

What is Dropbox cloud storage?

Dropbox meaning is a personal cloud storage service that lets you transfer, save, & upload files to the cloud. Backup and sync photos, windows, docs, and any files in the cloud. Additionally, you can access files, photos, and videos from any device, wherever you are. It gives secure access to all your files. As well, Dropbox: cloud storage space provides the facility to collaborate with your family, friends, & colleague from any device. Any files, whether large or small, can be readily shared, even if they do not have a Dropbox account.

In other words, Dropbox paid or freely. If you want to secure data up to 2GB then you can do it for free. If you need 2TB of storage then you need to take a subscription or select dropbox plans.

Key features of Dropbox Cloud Storage

Basically, Dropbox is an online storage service that saves files in sync between your cloud and personal device. To get detailed information about the Dropbox service, you have to deem the features.

(i) Automatic File Backup

The topmost feature of the Dropbox service is automatic file backup. The advantage of this feature is that if by mistake deleted files, videos, and videos from your computer, mobile, and other devices, then you can conveniently back up.

(ii) Access & store files from anywhere

You can efficiently access any files, whether small or large, from Dropbox. With this, you can also share these files with your friends, family, and anyone, no matter where you are.

(iii) Access any files without downloading extra software

As well, Dropbox’s file preview is usually one of its more convenient features. If you want to access or view any files then you do not need to download any extra software. Just open your browser, then browse to the file you want to see.

(iv) Easily file sharing

In Dropbox, you can ingeniously share any files with your coworker, family, & friends without any hassle. The sharing procedure is very easy.

(v) Quickly share a screenshot

You can quickly and snappy share screenshots in the Dropbox cloud storage space. But for this, you have to toggle the “share screenshot using Dropbox”. Afterward, you can quickly share a screenshot with anyone.

Use of Dropbox on PC & Android

If you’re searching for how to use dropbox, then never mind. Just look at the glance in the below steps.

A.) Dropbox use on PC:

If you want to use dropbox on PC and explore how to use dropbox on pc, then for that, download Dropbox. If you want to download, then open Google Chrome, and typify dropbox.com in the address bar. To download, click on Get Dropbox Basic. In addition, if you want to log in then click on Sign in and dropbox login. After that, you can use Dropbox on your PC without any hassle.

B.) How to use Dropbox on Android?

To use Dropbox on Android, you must first install Dropbox. You can smoothly install the Dropbox app by visiting the Play Store. After that, by signing or signing up, you can use Dropbox. If you are searching how to use dropbox on iphone then you can follow this Android procedure.

How to download dropbox?

If you wish to download dropbox on windows 10, android, or mac, then follow the below steps.

Download dropbox on windows 10-

If you are probing how to download dropbox on windows 10, then get the below steps.

  • Firstly, unite your windows 10 computer to the Wi-Fi network connectivity, by employing wireless or wired connection.
  • Next, click and open Google chrome, and typify dropbox.com on the address bar, hit enter button.
  • In a while, you will get the Dropbox interface on your Windows 10 screen.
  • On the interface, you will get the ‘Get Dropbox Basic” tab, click on it.
  • Then, you will glimpse the login interface and “Download the app” tab on the top right-hand side.
  • In order to download dropbox for windows, click the Download the app tab.
Download Dropbox cloud storage on Mac-

In order to download Dropbox on Mac, just adopt the given below steps.

  • First and foremost, connect your Mac device to the internet connectivity.
  • Next, open an internet browser and mention https://www.dropbox.com/install, hit the enter button.
  • Henceforth, display the download interface, just click on download dropbox.
  • After that, open the file and click on the Dropbox icon.
  • Click on the open tab and wait up until it is done.

Thus, you can also probe the answer about how to download dropbox on mac by following the aforementioned steps.

Download the Dropbox on Android-

For how to download dropbox on android, you can use the below steps.

  • Initially, you have to join your android phone to the Internet connection.
  • Next, navigate the Google Play Store, search and download the Dropbox: Cloud Storage Space app.
  • In order to download the app, tap the Install icon.
  • When the app is installed, you need to sign up/sign in.
  • Afterward, seamlessly use the Dropbox app.

How to uninstall Dropbox Cloud Storage?

Through the below steps, you will know how to uninstall dropbox without deleting files.

  • In order to uninstall the dropbox, right-click on the Dropbox icon.
  • Next, pick preference in the account tab and also pick the “Unlike This Computer” tab.
  • Then, click the OK tab & exit from Dropbox.
  • Subsequently, right-click on the Dropbox folder & pick the open folder location.
  • After opening the folder, visit the control panel & click the uninstall a program tab.
  • Henceforth, click the dropbox and click Uninstall tab.

Steps for sync the files in the dropbox

If you are worried about how to sync dropbox, then don’t brood. Just follow the given steps.

  • Essentially, ensure your operating device is connected to the internet connectivity.
  • Next, open dropbox on your window 10, iPhone, & Android.
  • Thereafter, drag the files you wish to sync to your downloaded Dropbox folder.
  • Found the Documents on a Windows 10(PC) or the Mac.
  • Therefore, edit or revise the files in your Dropbox cloud-based storage.
  • In order to smart sync dropbox, hit the save tab and the personal cloud-based will update your saved changes on your other devices within a jiffy.

How to cancel Dropbox?

Through the below steps, simply get the answer about how to cancel dropbox subscription.

  • First and foremost, you have to navigate www.dropbpx.com and sign in on your Dropbox account.
  • On the homepage, navigate the setting in your profile name at the top right-hand corner.
  • Next, click on the account tab and scroll down.
  • On the bottom side, you will get the Delete my dropbox, click on it.
  • Thereafter, typify the password your reason for cancellation and click the Delete my account tab.
  • Then, you will see the subscription plan, select the subscription plan you want to cancel.
  • In order to cancel a dropbox subscription, click the options tab, and then click cancel.
  • Finally, fill in all details meticulously for refund purposes.

How to upload someone else’s dropbox?

To upload someone else’s dropbox, let’s begin the steps.

  • Launch the search engine and get the login page with dropbox.com.
  • Next, log in to your Dropbox account with the login details.
  • On the homepage of Dropbox, you will glimpse the + icon on the top side, click on it.
  • Henceforth, you have to locate the files you want to upload.
  • After locating the file, click the Open tab.
  • Eventually, click the Done tab.

Delete photos from dropbox cloud-based storage? Try these steps

By following the below steps, easily get the steps about how to delete photos from dropbox.

  • Natively, tab and open the Dropbox app on your iPhone.
  • Next, locate & select the photo you wish to delete from Dropbox.
  • Subsequently, tap the blue down arrow to the right side of the photos.
  • In order to delete the photo, tap the delete tab.

Thus, by following the aforementioned steps, you can readily find the answer about how to delete files from dropbox on iPhone.

How to download pictures from dropbox

Let’s get started to download the picture from Dropbox cloud-based storage.

  • In order to download the picture, login to your Dropbox in your web-based.
  • Next, click and open the picture icon on the left side.
  • Locate the picture you want to download.
  • After that, click the three dots and click the Download.

What is dropbox paper?

The dropbox paper is an ordinarily online collaborative workplace that helps to share and make ideas quickly. In addition, you can display and organize the files, photos, & text in a place. The dropbox paper lets you conveniently collaborate with others and get your Paper documents, no matter where you are.

How to change dropbox email?

If you are searching for how to change dropbox email on iphone, then here are the steps.

  • First of all, you have to open safari on your iPad or iPhone.
  • From https://www.dropbox.com, get the login page and then log in.
  • You have to scroll down and tap the “request desktop site” tab.
  • On the top-right corner, tap the profile image.
  • Next, you have to select and open the setting tab.
  • Tap the edit icon, and typify the new email address on the respective section.
  • Also, typify the new email address again, for confirmation.
  • Lastly, tap the Update email box.

to transfer files from dropbox to google photos?
In order to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Photos, just follow these steps.

  • First of all, you have to log in to your Dropbox account with the login details.
  • Next, you also log in the Google Photos, with the valid username ID and password.
  • Subsequently, you have to drag the files in Dropbox from which you want to transfer to Google Photos.
  • After a drag, you have to click on the copy option.
  • In order to transfer, you have to paste or upload in Google Photos.

Steps: Change the password of Dropbox Cloud Storage

Here are some steps for how to change dropbox password in a quick manner.

  • To change the password, you have to visit dropbox.com and complete the login.
  • Then, click on the account icon that is available on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Subsequently, you have to click the setting icon and select the security tab.
  • Next, you have to unearth and select the change password tab.
  • On the respective field, enter the old password and new password.
  • Eventually, hit the change password tab to change the dropbox passwords.

How to unsync Dropbox folders without deleting files?

Let’s get started to unsync the dropbox folders without deleting the files.

  • Navigate the Dropbox login page and typify the email and password, click log in.
  • Click the Account icon and choose the setting tab.
  • In the Security tab, you have to find my device.
  • Afterward, click the Unlike icon that needs to be unsynced without deleting files.
  • In the last, on the pop-up windows, you have to click Unlike computer to ensure the Dropbox unsync folder.

How much free space on Dropbox?

In the Dropbox account, the free space is 2GB. That is, you can save up to 2GB of storage in Dropbox without any subscription. If you need more space like 2 TB or 5 TB then you have to take the subscription for that. You have to activate the plan inside the subscription. But Dropbox has 2GB of free space.

What does dropbox cost?

The Dropbox cloud storage is free for 1 user and 2GB storage. If you need extra storage then you need to pay the amount. To use 2000 GB you have to pay $ 11.99/ month. As well, to use Dropbox for family, then you have to pay the amount of $ 19.99/ month. For professionals, pay $ 19.99 / month.

Dropbox review

The Dropbox cloud-based storage space is the finest and most impeccable service for business purposes. Every businessman can effortlessly save, share, & upload files on the cloud. In addition, the Dropbox app is also available. Then, you can simply download the app & take the experience of all dropbox features. The topmost feature, it is compatible with all windows, Linux, iPhone, Mac, & others. Thus, Dropbox is an outstanding solution for every business to save & share files.