Complete Guide The Symptom Of The Wasp Stings

The wasp is a type of Poisonous insect. It is yellow in color and looks like a bee. It is always found at home and anywhere. They keep hovering in the house of most people and make a hive on the walls of their houses. If anyone teases their hive, it immediately bites them. If it is cut off a person, then it becomes a swelling of that person. And that person also hurts a lot. The wast stings are very dangerous for humans. It often flies in the air and makes its hive on walls, trees, and many places. Its sting contains poison and when it bites, the person gets irritation, pain, and swelling. There is no need to panic over its bite, it is a normal disease.

Mostly everyone has seen the Wasp because it keeps cruising in our house. It is very small, but when it cuts, it hurts a lot. The place where the wasp cuts person’s body becomes very thick. It has 2 wings towards the upper end by which it flies into the air. It is often seen that it makes its hive on trees and stays there, there is a lot of wasp in this hive together.

Symptom of the wasp stings

The wasp sting is a small insect. The sting of the wasp, that is, to cut it is usually very simple. If it cuts, then it becomes swollen and along with it itching and pain also occur. If you want to know its symptoms, then you can find out from the points given below.

  • Red rashes: The place where the wasp has stung, the red rashes come out on it. These rashes are very itchy.
  • Vomiting: Many wasps are poisonous when it is cut on the person’s body, the person gets vomiting as well. By the way, it is okay to come to vomiting because it removes poison and does not endanger the life of the person.
  • Swelling and pain: When the wasp is cut, its symptom is also that the person gets swelling and there is a lot of pain.
  • Dizziness: sometimes even the dizziness starts coming if the wasp sting poisonous.

Home Remedies for the wasp stings

When you have been bitten by the Wasp if you want me not to be in pain, swelling, and itching, so you have to know the treatment for this, then you can know from the points given below.

1. Remove the wasp stings

If you have been bitten by the wasp, then the first treatment for this is that you remove the sting. The sooner the sting comes out, the less the effect of the poison. You can remove this sting by using a finger or something. If you do not remove the wasp sting, then the risk of spreading poison will increase.

2. Apply ice

If the wasp has been cut, then you put ice on that place, you will get a lot of relief by applying ice. You have to rub the ice at least for 15 minutes on that place when the wasp is cut. By applying the ice the swelling decreases, as well as the pain, also decreases.

3. Utilize honey

If you have been bitten by Wasp, then you can use honey to reduce pain and swelling. Honey is also a beneficial treatment for wasp bites. Honey is seen in everyone’s home, put it in the place where the wasp has bitten you.

4. Apply lemon juice

You can also use lemon juice on the bite of the wasp. Apart from this, you can use any sour thing. Remove the lemon juice and apply it at the place where the wasp has cut. This gives you great relief in pain and burning sensation and you do not get any swelling.

5. Use baking soda

Baking soda is a good remedy for stinging wasp. It helps a lot in reducing pain and reducing itching. You have to take 1 spoon of baking soda and dissolve it in some water, that is to make a paste. Then you have to apply this paste to the cutting site of the wasp.

6. Using iron thing

If you have a sting of a wasp, then take any iron thing in your house and rub it on the wasp bite area. This will reduce your pain and you will not be swollen either.