Bizarre Sports in Olympics

Many of us are fond of watching the games in the Olympics. The Olympics is an opportunity for the best competitors of the world who come from industrialized nations that can bear the cost of it to contend. It’s consistently a moment of pride for the countries. We get to see amazing physical strength and incomparable fights on a public stage in sports. To see this, happen live we have to wait for a very long time which is almost more than 50 weeks.
While we are all known with a lot of the games in already, especially ladies aerobatic and men’s swimming, there is consistently a couple of contests that take place in Olympics which cause us to scratch our heads and wonder when, precisely, that thing turned into a game.
We know a wide range of sports hosted in the Olympics. To play these sports, all the players must have physical and mental abilities. Many types of sports like Boxing and wrestling needs physical strength. Archery, jewelling throw sports also need strong eyesight. Other sports that we know are related to running and swimming as well. So, we all know these kinds of games hosted in the Olympics. But many of the sports hosted in Olympics that we will find strange.
Olympics also hosts or hosted some of the rare and strange games many times. We had also not heard about these sports ever. There are several bizarre sports in Olympics that will shock us. So many of these sports did not happen in Olympics every time. But all of these games had happened in Olympics for several periods. Now, we will know about these kinds of sports which are mind-bending. The list of these sports is provided below.

List of Bizarre Sports in Olympics

Now, here we will know several sports that took place unexpectedly in Olympics. Many of these sports may take place again in the Olympics but some will never happen again. Because of some reasons many sports disappeared from the Olympics. When we will read about the weirdest sports. Then many will appear to us common but some will bend our mind. We will be going to know that these kinds of sports also happened to be. These Bizarre Sports will lead to scratch our heads and will leave us in complete disbelief.
So, here is the list:

Thug of War

This Bizarre Sport was stopped in 1920, Tug of War game comprised of the strongest individuals from every nation. They have to yank on a rope until the middle line created between two teams passed a specific point. In reality, this game was performed in one of the first games from the early time of the Olympics that occurred in 500 B.C.E. Each group had 8 players. These players were needed to pull the rope up to 6-feet in length. They have to pull the farthest in the given time of 5 minutes. The people of Britain were the top players of this game. They won many of these games in the Olympics.

Rope Climbing

The Olympic advisory group either ran out of thoughts, or they want to remember their greatness. This process was happening a long time ago. People were doing stretches on the rope. This practice was mainly performed by the kids in their exercise center class. A game like a dodgeball presently can’t seem to be fine to take place at the Olympic level even once.

Rope climbing was entire of the aerobatic programming in 1896, 1906, 1924, and 1932 at the Olympics. Initially, contenders were decided on how fast they are climbing and what’s the style by the later years’ decorations were granted for the individuals who reaches to the top first. The main rule of this game was not to take the help of legs.

Live Pigeon Shooting

It is good to know that this game was stopped in the 1900s. This cruel game which led to killing innocent birds happened only once in the Olympics. The Olympics where this game happened was taken place in Paris. The opposition comprised of shooting whatever number pigeons as could reasonably be expected in the assigned time. The player who won killed 21 birds on that event, with an expected all-out of 300 fowl killed in the whole contest.
Rather than shooting duplicate clay pigeons, that year the coordinators selected original pigeons to “shoot” with. Live birds were held and delivered into the air for contenders to shoot, with more than 300 birds allegedly killed during the occasion.

Race Walking

The contrast between race strolling and race running is entertaining. That, and in race strolling, the two feet should keep in touch with the ground consistently. Shockingly hard to do, it looks absolutely crazy, making the whole track be loaded up with individuals who have extremely good concentration and coordination.
This is certainly not an easygoing walk, around race strolling having every one of the principles and less of the fun of strolling. Contenders should always make contact with the field, keeping the foot straight when the it touches the ground and the foot passes under the body.

Horse Long Jump

When the occasion of long jump has tried the athletic ability of Olympic style sports stars all across the globe, in 1900 back in the Paris Games. After that, horses were also allowed the opportunity to flaunt how far they could jump. As a feature of the equestrian occasions, horse long leap just had one Olympics to make its imprint and it failed to do as such tremendously.
Despite the fact that the horse long jump winner was from Belgium. The person who was riding the Extra Dry was van Langendonck. He let his horse jump to a noteworthy length of 6.10 meters, it’s anything but a fix on the people going out on a limb. It disappointed the audience and was chopped out from the list of the occasion subsequently.

Jeu De Paume

This game was played as a forerunner to tennis. The game “Jeu de Paume” was considered an abnormal game in the past. This was an indoor game played on a court that was the same as the court known as the racquetball court. However, in this game, every contender started confronting the other over a rope called velvet rope. If we will see it in a real sense, then this game is known as the game of palms. Here players didn’t initially have to use the racquets but instead, they have to hit with their uncovered hands. It showed up just at the 1908 games because many parts of the grounds did not have indoor stadiums for Bizarre Sports.

Equestrian Dressage

There is one more game related to the horses that had taken place in Olympics. Still around today, the game where players have to let their horse dance is known as dressage. But people came to know that this work is very hard to do. We can consider this game the same as the racing of the horses. But we can say that it looks bizarre and abnormal. Then also to perform this activity one should have to do months of training. The player must need to have great physical as well as mental ability. The Great dressage requires rider and horse to altogether sync. Then only it can look lovely.

Solo Synchronized Swimming

If we talk about the rules of Bizarre Sports, then there are a couple of rules in this game that are very complicated to follow. It is said that swimmers should synchronize with the music which is being played since there is just a singular player in the pool at some random time. This game was presented in 1984, during the exchange of cocaine incidents started. But after some years this game was stopped in 1992 when everybody lost interest in this game. When you will think about the artful dance in the water, then you will think about how it kept going that long.

Town Planning

So, this was also used to be a game that had taken place in Olympics. This game was featured at four Olympic Games between the years 1928 and 1948. For the planning of the city also players were given medals. This game fell under the portion of arts of the Olympics.

The considerably more bizarre part of this game was that they were giving the silver medal award to players who are capable of building a park design in the game. But this plan was not used in the real build-up of the parks. As we think about urbanization then this game can again make a comeback.

One-Handed Weight Lifting

Bizarre Sports also sounds very weird. This game had taken place the 3 times in the Olympics. When the 19th century started ending this game was started to happen in Olympics. Players in the game were allowed only one time to play. They had to perform this by snatching a weight multiple times with each hand and then had to lift it in the air.