Best 5 stress buster exercises one can do in office

In today’s life stress is increasing day by day. Even our young generation is mostly suffering from stress due to the vast use of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. If you do not take corrective action in time to overcome the stress, it will badly affect your whole body. Firstly, we should know about the reasons of the stress and then work on it. There are many causes of it that affect our physical health as well as our mental health simultaneously like overthinking, an unbalanced diet, a busy routine, and not doing any exercise or any physical activity.

Moreover, stress makes bad effects on your body including headache problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases, aggression, anxiety, etc. The other most highlighted reason for stress might be being continuously engaged in your office work and not taking a minor rest. Excessive workload, pressure, and job insecurity is the major factor of stress. Therefore, exercise is the best option to release the stress and now we will explain the most stress buster exercises that could be done in your office.

Reasons of the stress

There are many reasons that originate the stress level in your workplace.

  • Unhealthy relations with your colleagues.
  • Due to the heavy burden and tight deadlines in your work.
  • Sometimes an unhealthy environment is a reason for stress.
  • When you do not get sufficient sleep, that is the main reason for your stress.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of coordination and unity among colleagues or employees.
  • Repetition of work creates a level of stress and it prohibits new ideas.

That’s all the causes of the stress. To get rid of the stress, you must follow these mentioned exercises.

Five Stress relief exercises in your office

During long working hours and excessive workload, people get fed up with their work and it enhances stress levels. Therefore, to get rid of the stress you must obey the following stress buster exercises between working hours in your office.

1. Deep breathing

Deep breathing plays a very significant role in reducing stress levels. If you will do deep breathing with inhaling and exhale for around 1 minute, your mind will be relaxed. Because it supplies oxygen in your mind and provides calmness.

2. Neck stretching

Stretch your neck upward and downwards, looking right and left side to reduce the strain level. This is a very easy exercise, even you can do this while sitting on your chair. Neck stretching will definitely provide muscles and mental relief.

3. Spinal twist

While sitting in the office for long hours, back pain is a common health issue for almost every person in today’s life. Therefore, our work is delayed and creates stress levels. So, in this situation, you should go with spinal twist exercises which play an essential role in it. Twist exercises increase cellular detoxification in your body.

4. Walk

If you get more distracted from your work and get stressed. Firstly, get up and take a walk that increases the blood flow in your brain and decreases the stress level. Hence, you can easily concentrate on your work again with full dedication.

5. Chin up and down

Chin up and down is a very easy exercise, it strengthens your upper body even you can do it in the office. During working hours in the office, the stress level rises and to eliminates it. Take a minute and relax yourself, do some chin-ups and down stress relief exercises.

6. Others

With the above exercises, talk to someone, to reduce the level of your stress and take a glass of water, go outside to take fresh air to reduce the stress. Meanwhile, you will feel relaxed and it increases the enthusiasm to do your work.

The above-mentioned stress buster exercises are very easy and take a few minutes.

Importance of exercise to reduce stress

Exercise is very essential for mental as well as physical health. You know that exercise proves to be a boon for our body. Because our daily busy routine makes your life stressful. Therefore, we will explain some importance of exercises to reduce stress.

Exercises fresh up your mind

Exercise is the best option to reduce the stress level and it makes your mind fresh. So, you should take a minute in your busy routine and do some exercises to reduce the stress.

Eliminates negative thoughts

Stress makes negative thoughts in your mind. Exercise provides stress relief for your body and vanishes the effects of stress. Exercises convert negative thoughts into positive ones.

Exercise make you feel happy

Continuously working in your offices makes your mind more stressed. If you want to reduce stress and make yourself happy, do some exercises which are mentioned above that can be done in your office.

Generate Energy in your body

When you are tired, exercise helps you to feel more awake, energetic, and alert. Because exercise circulates the blood in your body and supplies more oxygen into your brain and muscles. Then your body will work more efficiently.

Therefore, take some time whether in the office or home for exercise to reduce the level of stress, build your confidence and recharge your mind.

Why do we need exercise in the workplace?

Do you want to know why exercise is essential in the workplace? If you do some exercise in your office. Firstly, it reduces stress levels, increases productivity, and job performance. You should walk instead of taking a lift in your office and walk during lunch break.


The stress buster exercises prove to be miraculous in your office. Because in the office our mind gets frustrated and we should do some activities that reduce our stress. The above-mentioned exercise can effortlessly be done in your workplace. Exercising is the best way to overcome anxiety, stress.